Know Your Finances

Life Relief Foundation in conjunction with The Glorious Vessels of Honour organised a seminar to education Women in particular about their finances.

The section was undertaken as part of the annual conference of the Glorious vessel of Honour. The Speaker of the events, Mr Hammond, who is a Fund manager, the Director of Valuation at SS&C Europe and Asia as well as UK, provided understanding of financial systems and its functions, the modalities of credit cards, loans etc and the need to understand the terms and conditions when borrowing from the Bank.

Mr Hammond, went on to also explain investment opportunities in the financial sector to the women and also highlighted the risks associated with each form of investment.

He later took questions from the participants  and guided them through  some  issues which were relevant to the participants. qui .

“Know Your Finances, Live within your means.”

The Section ended on a very affable note with participants requesting for more of such programs to be organised for them to enlighten them on Money.

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